A lean startup by a lean design agency.

Xtensio is brought to you by Fake Crow. We are a team of UX/UI designers and developers at the startup friendly creative agency. Based in Los Angeles, we designed for 36 tech companies in 18 cities. With all client commissions and personal projects (like Xtensio), we practice lean principles in our work, generating real value for our users without wasting resources.

Xtensio was born out of the need for easy-to-use tools to help entrepreneurs plan, strategize, and develop their startup.

Xtensio started off as a one pager creator for startups to visualize their company profile and show investors what they’re all about. Since we design sales and marketing materials for tech companies everyday, this was a natural start for Xtensio.

But marketing collateral is not all we do as a startup studio. A big part of our job is to go through various exercises that help us set a clear direction: defining user personas, creating lean canvas, SWOT analysis…

So we started turning Xtensio into toolbox that is not only offering presentation tools but also interactive templates that will be useful during research, brainstorming, planning and strategy phases of a company.

Today you can get to work with our first set of tools. We hope to keep fine tuning each of them, as well as adding more features and tools.

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Story of an MVP

From uncovering Xtensio’s unique value proposition to designing the user experience and user interface, read a breakdown of how we built Xtensio piece by piece.

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